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Newborn Reborning Supply Beginner Starter Kit - #2263

Reborning supply kit for newborn sized dolls. You get to pick your own doll (which is purchased separately). The eyes and body also need to be purchased separately because they vary depending on the doll.

KIT, EYES and BODY sold separately! This kit includes everything else you need!

Kit includes all items listed below:

1. 24-page Full Color Instructions (our item #2067, which is a nicely printed copy of our downloadable instructions found by clicking here)
2. Four 1-pound Bags of Clear Glass Beads (item #1663)
3. DVD, Making Reborn Baby Dolls, with Denise Pratt (item #3347)
4. 10 Well Tray (Palette) (item #1509)
5. Hair Cutting and Styling Comb Razor (item #4610)
6. SMALL Custom Genesis Complete set of Eight Paints (item #6723)
7. 1/2 ounce Genesis Thinning Medium(item #1829)
8. Gem-Tac Glue (item #348)
9. Aleene's Paper Glaze (item #2277)
10. 8 inch Curved Hemostats (item #2468)
11. 24 count Cosmetic Wedges (item #3624)
12. One Pair of Knee Highs for containing Glass Beads (item #6306)
13. Five Brush set for Painting with Genesis (item #2667)
14. Bountiful Baby Micro-Rooting Tool (item #5598)
15. 5 Pre-cut Crown Needles (item #4490 or item #4492)
16. A Half Dozen Double Pointed Cotton Swabs (a portion of item #263)
17. Toothpicks (about 8) (a portion of item #4250)
18. One Pair of Upper Medium Brown or Light Brown Eyelashes (sorry, this is not a customer choice)
19. One 1/4 ounce Ruby Red Mohair (not a customer choice)
20. 4 ozs of Angel Silk (item #5111)
21. Technique Test Limb (item #2100) (included based off availability)

The DVD, Making Reborn Baby Dolls, with Denise Pratt, uses Mona Lisa for thinning the Genesis paints instead of the Genesis Thinning Medium that is included with this complete kit. Either will work, though.

The DVD uses Genesis Air Dry Gloss Varnish. This is no longer available, so for this step we recommend Aleene's Paper Glaze.

The DVD also uses the paint color Creases. Creases can either be purchased separately here, or it can be mixed using the following colors (that comes with the complete kit) until you get a mauve like color:

Genesis Brow Brown
Genesis Vein Blue
Genesis Lip/Blush/Nail
(Please note that you will need the least of Vein Blue.)
You will need mostly the Lip/Blush/Nail with a touch of the others.

Cuticle nippers are an optional item and can be purchased separately here. They are used to make a precision smooth edge cut on cable ties.

Please read our mohair warning by clicking here!

The related items below are dolls that will work with this kit.

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