Drill Bits - Set of 4 - #2186

These are the four sizes that Denise uses for her Bountiful Baby reborns, and they are the only sizes she uses. Use them for opening noses, and use the tiny bit for making a small drill hole in sides of mouth when opening the mouth for a pacifier to keep the vinyl from splitting.

To avoid the "Hollow Man" look on your reborns, when opening noses you should use a smaller size than the size of the nose holes you are trying to recreate. You will get a better overall visual result that way. The largest three bits have been specially chosen for 16", 17", and 20" dolls to give you the best visual result.

These are premium quality, USA made, high-speed steel bits-- not cheap iron import bits! The bit sizes are: 1/32, 5/64, 3/32, and 7/64.

NOTE: The penny is shown for size comparison only.

Click here for information on how to drill the babies nose and mouth.